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December 2016 Independent Eating and Drinking Newsletter

Independent Eating...   is a Wonderful Thing

December Topics:

  • Happy Holidays

  • Gift Ideas

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Check Out Our Wonderful Holiday Gift Ideas
A hands-free drinking system can enable someone to drink independently throughout the day and is a gift that they will appreciate all year.

Mealtime Partners, Inc. has several different types of hands-free drinking systems to choose from: the Hydration Backpack with Drinking Tube Positioning; the Front Mounted Drinking System; and the Drink Aide. They can all be easily attached to a wheelchair and can be positioned to meet the individual user’s need.
Hydration Backpack Hydration Backpack w/Drink Tube Positioning
Hydration Backpack with Drink Tube Positioning
Front Mounted Drinking System for UniTrackFront Mounted Drinking System
Front Mounted Drinking System
for Wheelchairs with UniTrack
Front Mounted Drinking System
for Manual Wheelchairs
To view all of the Mealtime Partners drinking products, click here. Remember Mealtime Partners drinking products can be attached to powered wheelchairs with slide rails, manual wheelchairs with handles and/or tubular frames, or hospital beds with plastic or metal bed rails. For additional guidance about how to select the appropriate drinking system for your specific needs, click here.


Shop Early for Holiday Gifts!
Mealtime Partners offers FREE Gift Wrapping on All Purchases Until December 23, 2016
To request gift wrapping for your order, simply tell us in the “Message or Comment” section of the Order Form that you would like your gift purchase wrapped. If you would like to include a message to the gift recipient, please tell us what you want to say, as well.


A Holiday Did You Know? Did you know that Frank Epperson invented the Popsicle by mistake? He left a soft drink outside with a stirring stick in it. The next morning it was frozen to the stick. He shared his invention with his friends and later his own children. He called it the POP’s-sicle!
Did you know that M&Ms (Mealtime Partners favorite “food group”) are named after the people who invented them: Mars and Murrie?
Did you know that people in Switzerland eat the most chocolate in the world, approximately 10 kilos (around 22 lbs) for each person per year?
Did you know that French fries were originally from Belgium?
Did you know that American’s eat 35,000 tons of pasta a year?
Did you know that more Coca Cola is drunk in Iceland than any other country?
Did you know that your mouth produces a liter of saliva a day?
Did you know that if food is not mixed with saliva, you can’t taste it? 

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