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Training Video's

The Training Video comes on a DVD with every Mealtime Partner to facilitate rapidly becoming familiar with operating and supporting the equipment.

For a head-start on learning to use the Mealtime Partner, view the training sessions listed below. Requires RealPlayer which is available free. Get RealPlayer. Please be patient after clicking on the selected training session. It can take a minute or so to load and start RealPlayer on some computer systems. Also, on some computers you will need to save the video file for it to download, and then open it to play.

Training Video Segments:

 1. Introduction (Play Time 3 Min: 41 Sec)

 2. Learning to Use (Play Time 3:01)

 3. Mounting (Play Time 3:52)

 4. Positioning the User (Play Time 2:31)

 5. Switches and Modes of Operation (Play Time 3:58)

 6. Food Preparation (Play Time 1:48)

 7. Control Panel (Play Time 1:05)

 8. Cleaning Up/Storage (Play Time 2:14)

 9. Ending Credits (Play Time 0:52)


ADVANCED TRAINING TOPICS: (Advanced Training, intended primarily for healthcare professionals, is included on the DVD that comes with the Mealtime Partner.)

1. Special Considerations

2. Mounting & Using the Partner

3. Positioning the User

4. Two Adaptive Switches

5. The Bowl Switch & Settings

6. The Spoon Switch & Settings

7. Pause Times

8. Adaptive Switch Time Settings


This page last updated on 11-03-2017.


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