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MtP Part No. 4320

Complete Set of Mealtime Partner Mounting Shafts - $169.95

Mounting Shafts are used with the Table Clamp to support the Mealtime Partner Dining Device at various heights above the table. The mounting shafts are made from stainless steel and have a precision taper on each end for accurate mating with the Mealtime Partner and the Table Clamp (4950). The tapered ends have two important benefits: they ensure that there is no looseness between the mating components (i.e., no-rock, or wobble); they allow a free rotation between the mating components, but with a controlled amount of friction. The controlled friction is established by the angle of the taper and the properties of the stainless steel. Following the "safety first" policy employed in the design of the Mealtime Partner, the shafts were designed to allow the Mealtime Partner to rotate if it were accidentally struck, but will not rotate so freely as to move when simply touched by the user. Also, note the notch near the end of the shafts where the Lock Knob (MtP Part No. 9100) enters to prevent the shaft ends from coming out of the mating component.

Mounting Shafts are available in five different lengths: 2 inch, 4 inch, 6 inch, 8 inch, and 10 inch. A complete set of all five Mounting Shaft lengths, as pictured below, is priced at $169.95. A complete set is useful where the same Mealtime Partner will be used for more than one person. Having a complete set is especially beneficial for hospitals and other organizations that serve many clients.

Mounting Shafts

Complete Set of Mealtime Partner Mounting Shaft




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