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 MtP Part No. 7150

The Mealtime Partner Evaluation System with All Mounting Systems - $8,545.00

MtP System with all mounting options

This system is designed for Institutions and Organizations that serve a diverse variety of patients or clients that potentially will benefit from using the Mealtime Partner. With this system, when a new client arrives, they will have access to all available mounting options and can quickly determine the optimal method of mounting for that individual. This complete system is available at a package price, discounted from purchasing each mounting method individually.

System Components:

This system is supplied with: a Mealtime Partner Dining Device, 6 Bowls, 3 Low Bowl Covers, 3 Medium Bowl Covers, 3 High Bowl Covers, 3 Spoons, a Battery Charger (A/C Adaptor), a set of Legs (2, 4, and 6-inch lengths), a Table Clamp, a set of shafts (2, 4, 6, 8, and 10-inch lengths), and a Support Arm, as pictured above.

It also comes with a User's Manual and an Instructional Video (DVD), not shown in above picture.


7150 Mealtime Partner Evaluation System with All Mounting Systems $8,545.00 $85.00



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