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 MtP Part No. 6950

The Mealtime Partner Dining System with Legs - $7,945.00

Partner on Table with 4-Inch Legs

Picture of the Mealtime Partner Mounted on 4-Inch Legs

If the person using the Partner sits on a regular dining chair or has a seating system that allows them to sit at a table with their knees under the table, mounting the Partner on legs should be considered.

The extension legs simply replace the short feet that come with the Partner. Extension legs consist of a set of four legs of the following lengths: 2 inches, 4 inches, and 6 inches long (i.e., 12 legs in all). To install the extension legs, unscrew the four original short feet from the Partner, and screw the longer legs onto the same threaded shaft.

The advantages of using legs are that they are inexpensive; they are easy to install and require no further adjustment after being installed; and, they can be interchanged as the user’s positioning changes.

The disadvantages of using legs are that the user must be able to sit at a table to eat with their legs/knees under the table; the user must be able to sit at the table controlling their body position for an entire meal; and, the user must be able to move forward around 4 inches to comfortably use the Partner when it is mounted on legs.

Additionally, when mounting the Partner on legs is appropriate for the user, the environment in which the system is being used should be considered. For example, if the dining system is being used in a school cafeteria, the activities of other students should be considered. If they move around quickly (and roughly, as children will often do), the Partner might be knocked off of the table. Under these circumstances, even though legs are a good mounting choice for the user, it is advisable to use mounting shafts instead, because they allow the Partner to be firmly fixed to the table and thus it is protected from accidentally being knocked off of the table.

System Components;

This system is supplied with: a Mealtime Partner Dining Device, 6 Bowls, 3 Low Bowl Covers, 3 Medium Bowl Covers, 3 High Bowl Covers, 3 Spoons, a Battery Charger (A/C Adaptor), and a complete Set of Legs (2, 4, and 6-inch lengths), as pictured below.

It also comes with a User's Manual and an Instructional Video (DVD), not pictured below.

MtP System with Legs


6950 Mealtime Partner Dining System with Legs $7,945.00 $85.00



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