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 MtP Part No. 6900

The Mealtime Partner Dining System With Mounting Shafts - $8,045.00


Mealtime Partner Dining Device on 6-Inch Shaft

The Mealtime Partners mounted on a 6-Inch Shaft

Mounting Shafts are used with the Table Clamp to support the Mealtime Partner at various heights above the table. They are available in five different lengths: 2-inch, 4-inch, 6-inch, 8-inch and 10-inch and are made from stainless steel for strong and solid mounting of the Mealtime Partner. Using a Mounting Shaft to position the Mealtime Partner is of value to individuals who sit at a table to eat but who have involuntary movement that causes them to move the device when it is mounted on legs and placed on the table. Additionally, shaft mounting is useful for those who sit close to a table but whose knees do not go under the table. It is simpler to position than the Support Arm and allows for device positioning to be angled outward, away from the table.

An assortment of Mounting Shafts are helpful to individuals who use the Mealtime Partner in a variety of environments (e.g., home, and school or a restaurant) because not all table surfaces are the same height and a different height shaft might be more appropriate in one environment than another. This is also true for individuals who use more than one chair for eating (e.g., a power wheelchair and a manual wheelchair), because the height of their mouth from the table surface will differ depending upon the chair.

The Mealtime Partner Mounting Shafts allow the Mealtime Partner to be positioned so that a user can access it despite their not being able to sit with their knees under the table-top. Mounting the device using shafts is quicker and easier than using the Support Arm but does not provide the fine tuning of the spoon position available with the Support Arm.

An additional benefit of using Mounting Shafts is that their use firmly attaches the Mealtime Partner to the table surface that it is clamped to. In environments that are “busy” with a lot of activity, the risk of the device being knocked off of the table and being damaged is eliminated.

Using a Mounting Shaft also allows the Mealtime Partner to extend out from the table far enough for the spoon to be reached even if the user has a laptray on their wheelchair, which is useful for some people.

To select the appropriate length Shaft, measure the vertical distance from the table top to the user's lower lip. Subtract 6 inches from this number. This will indicate the most appropriate height shaft to use. Because the shafts come in 2 inch increments choose the lower size if the distance is not an even number.


Partner on 10-Inch Shaft

The Mealtime Partners mounted on a 10-Inch Shaft.


Mounting Shafts

Picture of all Mounting Shaft Sizes available, 2-Inch to 10-Inch Shaft.

System Components:

This system is supplied with: a Mealtime Partner Dining Device, 6 Bowls, 3 Low Bowl Covers, 3 Medium Bowl Covers, 3 High Bowl Covers, 3 Spoons, a Battery Charger (A/C Adaptor), a Table Clamp and a set of all shafts: 2-inch, 4-inch, 6-inch, 8-inch, and 10-inch. (The Device alone comes with feet only, which allows the Device to be placed directly on a table top surface, or adjustable hospital table, etc.) 

It also comes with a User's Manual and an Instructional Video (DVD).


6900 Mealtime Partner Dining System With Mounting Shafts $8,045.00 $85.00



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