Mealtime Partners, Inc.

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MtP Part No. 4565

Set of Mealtime Partner Legs (2, 4, & 6-Inch) - $126.95

For people who can sit at a table and eat, the Mealtime Partner can be fitted with free standing legs of various lengths. Three lengths of legs are available from Mealtime Partners, 2-inch, 4-inch and 6-inch.

Partner on Table with 4-Inch Legs

Mealtime Partner shown with 4" Legs

Pricing: A set of four, 2-inch Legs is priced at $44.95. Set of four, 4-inch Legs is $54.95. A set of four, 6-inch Legs is $59.95. The Buy Button above is to order a set of all lengths of Table Legs (i.e., three sets of four legs), which is priced at $126.95, or around a 25% discount..

Installing the legs requires simply unscrewing the feet that the Mealtime Partner comes with and screwing the leg of the desired length onto the threaded screw that is now exposed.




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