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MtP Part No. 's 6571

Foot Adaptive Switch - $84.95

The Foot Adaptive Switch has a base that is 2.5 inches wide and 4 inches long. It is a wedge shaped switch and typically the narrowest edge of the switch is positioned towards the user with the wire emerging from the back of the switch. At its tallest point the switch is 1.5 inches high. It provides both auditory and tactile feedback. The user can rest their foot on the switch without it activating, however, force must be applied to “close” the switch for activation. This is typically accomplished by flexing the ankle to push the tallest part of the switch downward. Alternately, the user can rest their foot next to the switch and activate it using a gross movement of their leg and foot, picking their foot up and pressing the switch closed, and then removing their foot.


Foot Adaptive Switch


6571 Foot Adaptive Switch $84.95 $15.00


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