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MtP Part No. 's 6567

Ultra Light Adaptive Switch - $59.95

The Ultra Light Adaptive Switch has a light activation force without losing tactile feedback. A low profile makes it ideal for people with limited movement whether it is their finger, head or other body part. An ergonomic design allows for comfortable activation while in your hand, mounted on a table or on a positioning arm. It can also withstand the heaviest hitter for a lifetime of activations. Two screw mounting provides secure placement and a 1/8 inch (3.5mm) right angle standard mono plug allows PC access, AAC, ECU, adapted Toys, etc., and a 6 foot cable for those challenging switch placements. Ultra Light switches come with five interchangeable color panels (red, yellow, blue, green and orange).


Ultra Light Adaptive Switch


6567 Ultra Light Adaptive Switch $59.95 $15.00


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