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Flex-Tube is comprised of a sequence of plastic ball and socket links that are joined into a flexible jointed hose that is adjustable and can be re-positioned by bending. Because the hose is hollow, a tube can be inserted through it. It also can be used to support a light-weight object and will hold it in position. It is rigid and will stay put after being re-positioned. However, its rigidity is somewhat less than that of the MtP Flex Arm and should not be used for heavy objects.

The pictures below illustrate the use of a Flex-Tube in the MtP Hydration-Backpack with Drink Tube Positioning (MtP Part No. 6559). The Drink Tube is located inside the Flex-Tube which holds it in place. Mealtime Partners uses Flex-Tube for positioning a drink tube near the users mouth so very little neck (or trunk) movement is required to get a drink. In this drinking system, a bite valve is connected to the end of the Drink Tube that is near the mouth of the user.

Hydration Backpack with Drink Tube Positioning Hydration Backpack with Drink Tube Positioning 

As shown above-right and below, the Flex-Tube with the drinking tube attaches to the wheelchair handle or other tubular structure on the wheelchair using the MtP Wheelchair Clamp (MtP Part No. 4960).

Hydration Backpack with Drink Tube Positioning



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