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MtP Part No. 4970

Flex Arm Holder for Slide-Track - $74.95


Flex Arm Holder 

The Flex Arm Holder for Slide-Track was developed to allow Mealtime Partners’ Flex Arms to be mounted on wheelchairs that have Slide-Track rails, like many of the newer model powered wheelchairs. The Mealtime Partners Adaptive Switch Mounting Systems for Slide-Track that use a Flex Arm are attached to the wheelchair using this clamping system. Because a tool is required to install the Flex Arm, this clamp is used for more permanent installations than the Flex Arm Holder with Knobs (that does not require a tool to install the Flex Arm). Other Flex Arms with diameters from ¾” to 1” can be mounted using this clamping system. The Flex Arm Holder for Slide-Track can be mounted vertically or horizontally on Track rails using either of the slots in the rails. This allows positioning of the Flex Arm in the most appropriate location for the application. The Flex Arm Holder for Slide-Track is installed on the wheelchair using the hex key that is provided. Once it is installed, that tool is unnecessary. However, another tool (i.e., hex key) is provided for installing the outer clamp body that holds the Flex Arm and must be used to insert of remove the Flex Arm.

Slide-Track is a slotted rail that is used for mounting parts and accessories at several locations on many of the newer model wheelchairs. Common locations include the sides of the seat base, under the arm rests and on the wheelchair back. Some of the Track rails have end pieces that fit into the ends of the rails to provide a smooth end to the rails. The end pieces can be removed by pulling them out for installing accessories. There are two types of mounting track types. When ordering, select option 1 - "UniTrack" if you have a Permobil wheelchair with the UniTrack rails; otherwise select option 2 - "Standard-Track" for all other wheelchairs with slotted rails.

The two pictures below illustrate the versatility of the Flex Arm Holder for Slide-Track by showing two different locations for attaching the clamping system to the wheelchair. 

Flex Arm Holder for UniTrack Flex Arm Holder for UniTrack
Flex Arm Holder for Slide-Track:
Mounted on the Track under the Headrest
Front View of Wheelchair

The Flex Arm Holder for Slide-Track comes with all of the necessary parts (as pictured below) required to install your accessory on a Slide-Track. The nut-plate is inserted into one of the Track slots and held in position by the two socket head screws. (A hex key is provided to tighten these screws.) This holds the Inner Clamp body securely against the Track rails. The Outer Clamp body is then installed using the two socket head screws (using the hex key provided), thus forming a clamp for the Flex Arm.

Flex Arm Holder for UniTrack 


Components of the Flex Arm Holder for Slide-Track:

Inner Clamp Body
Outer Clamp Body
Small Socket Head Screws (2)
Slide-Track Rail T-Nut
Large Socket Head Screws (2)
Hex Keys (2)

Advantages of the Flex Arm Holder for UniTrack:

  • Holds securely to wheelchair once installed on the Slide-Track

  • Accessory being held is installed permanently (i.e., a tool is required to alter)

  • Compact Size

  • Easy to Install and Remove using the two tools provided

  • Can be mounted to allow flex arm to extend vertically or horizontally from the Slide-Track Rail


4970 Flex Arm Holder for Slide-Track $74.95 $15.00



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