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MtP Part No. 6080

Drink-Partner Drinking System Drink Tube (package of 2) - $6.95

Drink-Partner Drink Tube

Additional tubes for the Drink-Partner Drinking System are available in case the original drinking tube was to become damaged or contaminated. (This is the inner tube that carries the fluid and it can be replaced, if necessary. Note: the same (36-inch long) drink tube is used in the Drink-Partner Drinking System Bottle and the Drink-Partner Drinking System Insulated Tumbler.

Hands-free drinking systems all have some type of straw or drink tube as an integral part; however, some of the drink tubes are easier to clean than others. If you drink dairy products or sugary drinks in your drinking system, the task of keeping the drink tube clean is more difficult. The straw should be replaced more frequently if you drink these types of beverages. It is always wise to keep a spare drink tube (or two) available in case the installed drink tube becomes damaged or contaminated.


6080 Drink-Partner Drinking System Drink Tube (package of 2) $6.95 $7.50


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