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MtP Part No. 6082

Drink-Partner Drinking System Oxygen Tubing (7-Foot Roll) $6.95

Drink-Partner Drinking System

Optional drink tubing for the Drink-Partner Drinking System is available in case the original drinking tube is difficult for the user to create sufficient suction. Oxygen tubing can be compressed by the lips or even bitten, so that its shape is no longer round but more contoured to the shape of someone’s lips when they are not puckered but closed. This allows those who have poor lip control to close their lips enough to create a vacuum and be able to suck through a straw.

If oxygen tubing is being used it should be noted that special attention should be paid to getting the end of the tube all the way to the bottom of the Drink-Partner bottle (or Tumbler). This can be difficult, especially if there is ice in the bottle, as the tubing is soft

The Oxygen Tubing comes in a 7-footlong roll and is easily cut with scissors. This makes two, 36-inch drink tubes with a little left over.


6082 Drink-Partner Drinking System Oxygen Tubing (7-Foot Roll) $6.95 $7.50


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