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MtP Part No. 6550

The Hospital Bed Hydration System - $349.95

The Mealtime Partner Hospital Bed Hydration System is an assistive drinking aid that provides hands free drinking for those confined to a hospital bed. It was designed to allow a hydration backpack to be mounted to the bed rails of some of the many intelligent hospital beds that are used in hospital intensive care units, cardiac care, surgical centers, and rehabilitation facilities. These state-of-the-art hospital beds are manufactured with plastic bed rails that contain components to make them operate. However, the rails are relatively soft and, therefore, limit the ability to clamp equipment to them because the plastic flexes over time and the items being clamped with standard clamps slip out of position. The Hospital Bed Hydration System is attached to the bed rail using a two point mounting clamp that, once in place, holds its position indefinitely, even if the rails can flex. The Clamp has an Attachment Holder into which is inserted the end of a 22 inch length of flex tube. A Hydration Backpack Unbottle is integrated into this configuration by slotting the drinking tube through the flex tube and hooking the handle of the Unbottle over the clamp. Thus the system is fully integrated and attached securely to the bed. The flex tube allows the drinking tube to be positioned close to the patient’s mouth so that they are free to take a drink at will by simply moving their head.

This system is suitable for individuals who are having difficulty picking up or holding a cup. Because adequate hydration is essential for the best medical outcomes for hospital patents, making water available to those patients who have limited (or no) use of their hands and/or arms, the Hospital Bed Hydration System can significantly impact their long term health. The Hospital Bed Hydration System provides independent drinking for disabled individuals, even if they are confined to a hospital bed.


Hospital Bed Hydration System
Hospital Bed Hydration System


The Hospital Bed Hydration System consists of the following components: the Mealtime Partner Hospital Bed Clamp, the Hydration Backpack Unbottle, and the Flex Tube.

The Hospital Bed Clamp has three parts: an inner clamp body, an outer clamp body (that mates with the inner clamp body to fasten the clamp securely to the bed rails), and an Attachment Holder. It is supplied with tools to facilitate attaching it to the hospital bed rails and to reorient the Attachment Holder vertically or horizontally on the outer clamp body.

The Hydration Backpack Unbottle can also be purchased separately (Part No. 6556). It consists of an insulated backpack that holds a 100 ounce bladder. The bladder has a drinking tube attached to it. On the other end of the drinking tube is a “bite valve” that allows the liquid in the bladder to be drunk. The backpack has a handle on the top of it with a latch that opens and closes.

When the Hospital Bed Hydration System is assembled, the clamp is first attached to the bed rails. The bite valve from the Hydration Backpack Unbottle is removed from the drinking tube. The drinking tube is then slotted through the flex tube. Once the drinking tube extends out of the end of the flex tube, the bite valve is replaced. The end of the flex tube closest to the backpack is slotted into the Clamp Attachment Holder and the thumb screw on the side of the holder is tightened to hold the flex tube in place. The Hydration Backpack comes with a strap on the top with a clip for opening and closing the strap. To secure the Hydration Backpack to the bed, the clip on the strap of the Hydration Backpack is opened and the strap is wrapped around the clamp and flex tube, and the clip is snapped closed. The fluid container now hangs from the Bed Clamp and the Hospital Bed Hydration System is ready to use. Just bend the flex tube to position the drinking valve close to the patient’s mouth and fill the bladder with water, and it will provide hands-free hydration to the patient throughout the day and night without further assistance.

6550 Hospital Bed Hydration System $349.95 $20.00


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