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MtP Part No. 6555

The Hydration Backpack Drinking System - $69.95

The Hydration Backpack is a backpack that contains a bladder that holds liquids. The shoulder straps are used to attach the Backpack to the rear of the wheelchair. The bladder has a large 50-ounce capacity for maintaining hydration for longer periods of time without refilling (than our other drinking systems), and it lies flat against the back of the wheelchair to maintain a small footprint. 

The Hydration Backpack

The Hydration Backpack Drinking System has a soft drinking tube and mouthpiece that is easy to suck from (for those who have difficulty with suction). The tube can lie freely across the users shoulder or clipped onto clothing to maintain the position near the user's mouth, but does not have drink tube positioning like many of our other drinking products (for drink tube positioning refer to Part No. 6559). The mouthpiece keeps liquid from leaking from the tube. When the user bites the mouthpiece, it opens so that suction may be applied to get a drink.


6555 Hydration Backpack Drinking System $69.95 $17.50


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