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MtP Part No. 6345

The RiJe Cup - $74.95

The RiJe Cup 
Red and Aquamarine RiJe Cups 

The RiJe Cup dispenses adjustable portions of liquids from 3cc to 15cc. It is suitable for individuals who have swallowing disorders that are changing, for example for those who have had a stroke and are recovering their ability to swallow safely, or for those with a degenerative condition who’s swallowing difficulties are increasing from disease like amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. A user can drink from the cup by tipping the cup in a normal drinking motion or by using a straw. Liquid will replenish in 2 to 3 seconds from a portion being drunk.

Two colors are available, red and aquamarine, and can be selected when ordering at the online store after clicking the "buy now" button, above.

The RiJe Cup is quick and easy to assemble and adjust as demonstrated in the Assembly and Functions video. Written instructions for assembly and adjusting can be found at: RiJe Cup Instructions for Use. For a demonstration of drinking from the RiJe Cup, view the How to Drink from RiJe Cup video.


Seek the advice of a physician or speech pathologist prior to using this cup if a diagnosis of Dysphagia has been made.


6345 RiJe Cup $74.95 $15.00


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