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Mealtime Partners, Inc.

Specializing in Assistive Eating and Assistive Drinking Equipment for Individuals with Disabilities

As the leading provider of hands free eating and hands free drinking equipment for disabled people, our mission is to enable individuals of all ages to eat and drink independently and thus enjoy a better quality of life.




The Mealtime Partner Dining System
Mealtime Partner Robotic Feeding Device
Assistive technology that empowers individuals with disabilities to feed themselves.
To learn more about assistive eating, please click on Dining,
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Mealtime Partner Dining System

The Mealtime Partners powered feeding device provides hands free eating for all ages. It is designed to meet a wide range of user needs and is flexible enough to accommodate those needs as they may change over a lifetime, or during an illness. The Mealtime Partner assistive dining device is by far the finest powered feeding device ever developed.

Woman using the Mealtime PartnerChild using the Mealtime Partner Robotic Feeding Device

To view all of the Mealtime Partner Dining System variations, click here.

Hands Free Drinking Systems

Because adequate hydration is essential for health and healing, Mealtime Partners offers a variety of Drinking Systems that can allow independent drinking in many different environments. The Front Mounted Drinking System shown below can serve a cup of coffee to start out the day, iced tea with lunch, and any other beverage throughout the day.

Front Mounted Drinking SystemFront Mounted Drinking System

Water is the single most important nutrient for the body's vitality.  The Hospital Bed Hydration System (below left) can provide water for those individuals who are restricted to a hospital bed. The Hydration Backpack with Drink Tube Positioning (below right), can make water (and other drinks) available throughout the day (and night, if desired).

Hospital Bed Hydration SystemHydration Backpack with Drink Tube Positioning

Because of the great importance of proper hydration, Mealtime Partners carries a complete line of assistive drinking products. Click the following link to learn how to select the appropriate drinking system. To view all of the Mealtime Partners Drinking Products, click here.

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We can help you determine the optimal dining OR DRINKING system to suit the needs of any specific user

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