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Mealtime Partners, Inc. Clamping Products

Because most of Mealtime Partners products require precise, secure positioning, Mealtime Partners carries a line of clamping products for mounting our dining and drinking products. The Mealtime Partners Table Clamp is specifically for mounting the Mealtime Partner Dining System and has a extra wide opening for attaching to thick tables. The Wheelchair Clamp is for mounting a variety of accessories and can be clamped to the arm support or other metal rails of most wheelchairs, as well as to tables and metal bedrails.

Our Hospital Bed Clamp accommodates clamping to the newer hospital beds that have plastic side rails, where previously available clamps have failed to hold their position. The Hospital Bed Clamp has a side mounted Attachment Holder. The Wheelchair Clamp has a built-in Attachment Holder but will accommodate an additional Attachment Holder that can be attached to either side of the wheelchair clamp body. Thus, the wheelchair clamp with an Attachment Holder can be used to mount two different accessories to a wheelchair. For example, a drinking system and a Sip N Puff control. An Attachment Holder is also available for wheelchairs that use UniTrack rails for mounting attachments.

4950 Mealtime Partner Table Clamp Table Clamp
4960 Wheelchair Clamp Wheelchair Clamp
4970 Flex Arm Holder for Slide-Track Flex Arm Holder 
4971 Flex Arm Holder with Knobs for Slide-Track Flex Arm Holder with Knobs (4971) 
4973 Attachment Holder for Slide-Track Attachment Holder for UniTrack
4975 Wheelchair Clamp Attachment Holder Attachment Holder
4980 Hospital Bed Clamping System Hospital Bed Clamp - Model VC1


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