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MtP Part No. 6200

The Drink-Aide Drinking System - $99.95


This product has been discontinued by Mealtime Partners. For a comparable product, please see the Mealtime Partners Drink-Partner.



The Drink-Aide™ Drinking System provides hands free drinking for those in a wheelchair. The Drink-Aide™ consists of an insulated water bottle, a flexible drinking tube, a vibration resistant flexible drinking tube holder (or, conduit), and a universal clamp. The Drink-Aide™ can be clamped to the handle of the wheelchair and the flexible tube holder allows the tip of the drinking tube to be positioned very close to the users mouth. (Spare tubes are available in case the original drinking tube was to be damaged or contaminated.) The bottle holds 28 fluid ounces.

Drink-Aide with Mounting Hardware

Because the drinking tube is firm, the user must be able to close their lips in a pucker around the tube to create a vacuum for sucking. Additionally, they must have the strength and suction to suck liquids about 30 inches. The Drink-Aide™ Drinking System is a excellent drinking system for individuals that can meet these functional requirements.

The Drink-Aide Drinking System is suitable for individuals who can move their head freely to one side and who have good lip control and strong suction.



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